July Collegiate Immersion Program for Women

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"Drisha opened my eyes to an institution that promotes women's ownership of the text and an approach of open-mindedness. The learning was so real." -July 2011 participant

Dates: Sunday, July 6 - Friday. August 8, 2014

July is an exciting time to be at Drisha. Women of all ages- from high school to retirees- fill the beit midrash, their voices rising and falling as they debate the meanings of ancient texts. Due to the generosity of a donor, Drisha is offering special fellowships to female college students interested in studying in the July Institute.

The July Collegiate Immersion Program is fueled by Drisha’s vision of the role Torah study plays in the life of the committed Jew. Participants engage in an immersive learning program in an environment in which Torah is studied with passion, rigor, and commitment. The schedule includes Talmud or biblical Hebrew in the mornings, and Tanakh, Halakha, and Jewish Thought in the afternoons. There will be a bi-weekly night seder, a shabbaton, a Tisha b'Av program, and occasional evening activities.

The July Collegiate Immersion Program incorporates a broad range of approaches to the study of biblical, rabbinic, and philosophical texts, and asks participants to consider how these texts and ideas speak to them as they progress in their life-journeys.

"I come from a different background than many of the other participants and I felt very comfortable; nobody is telling you how to think or what practices to do. I loved being presented with sources to discuss and analyze freely."  -July 2011 participant

Click here to download an application or email drishasummerprograms@gmail.com for the Word version. 
Completed applications submitted before April 30, 2014 receive priority.

Students will receive a $1,000 stipend upon full completion of the program.

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